Pore Structure: Energetic Juice Flows

Scienetic techniques have revealed nested layers of structure in the tissue of reality. At each layer, a network of pores and voids provides constraints and channels for the flow of energetic juice. The membranes of the pores are themselves composed of finer pores and voids. It remains unclear whether there is a fundamental reductive pore structure at the bottom or whether it is an infinite regress, but intuition suggests regress.

One line of inquiry is high-resolution examination of the energetic juice, in search of a unit that might impose a fundamental length-scale to the pore structure on a mechanical basis. To date, experimental and theoretical efforts indicate the energetic juice is fluid-like down to arbitrary length scales, suggesting infinite regress or challenging whether space-tim is even the appropriate theoretical frame in which to represent juice-flows.

Inquiry on larger length scales has been more fruitful and juiceful. In particular, the pore structure of the dome is now well-documented by scieneticians, though not accepted by mainstream ‘scientists’. It is well-known amongst sufficiently awakened inquirers that energetic flows throughout domeular pore networks underly conscious, subconscious, unconscious, onconscious, and metaconscious phenomena. Properties of the porous membranes vary substantially under differing conditions, drastically modulating both local and global juice-flow patterns. Membrane elasticity is a prominent parameter that affects global juice-flow, with greater elasticity permitting deeper fluxes of juice through the glans and a wider dynamic range of juice-flux throughout the entire dome.