Calcareous Epiphragm and Helix Pomatia-I

“Were it feasible one might extrapolate from the given data that Detective MacLellan was himself an extension of the future-past manifestations of True Light Lylekas. However this alley of Tim’s Nexus has been heavily obscured by the slime of the Time Snails and data is therefore tainted by their iridescent ooze”

- Excerpt from “The Tome of True Light” by Brondo Caller

Helix Pomatia: What an odd specimen

Calcareous Epiphragm: Indeed. Note the ephemeral spectre strings.

Helix Pomatia: Yes, I see. Such a large cluster in so short a time frame and yet the number of connections reaches far beyond the norm. The implications...

Calcareous Epiphragm: I wouldn’t follow that logic too far; you may fry your shell with the effort. Just watch. I’ll skip ahead a few years. See there? What is happening that makes the cluster pulse with such haunting light?

Helix Pomatia: How bizarre. And you’re sure this is the same specimen we observed in Tomorrow’s Yesterday? I’ve never seen such long tendrils on a human before. Look here: this connection is between 2.10 polar opposite beings but the Spectre haunts them all the way to The Obscurity.

Calcareous Epiphragm: That’s precisely why I brought it before you. Could it be this cluster is the very cause of The Obscurity? I followed every line and they are all tangled. It makes no sense.

Helix Pomatia: Oh come now Cal you know better than to try and make sense of it all. Speaketh the intonement and give yourself to Time.

Calcareous Epiphragm: I am simply here to suck on the facts of forever. I am but a vessel for the Truth. I must witness the beginning, the end and all of eternity thereafter. My shell shall keep me from harm but my antennae shall feel all things. Kikikikikikikikikikikikikikaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Helix Pomatia: Kikikikikikikikikikikikikikaaaaaaaaaaaaa to you as well ancient one. Let us dive deep in to the wet holes of Brimla and taste the nectar of truth together. Perhaps there is more to this human cluster than meets the antenna.

Calcareous Epiphragm: Should we smoke some weed first?

Helix Pomatia: Yes, let’s puff some loud - I have some mad dank bud.