Asstrology: On The Existence Of The Sun And Moon

Tags: Supposed Spheres

Poets, songwriters, novelists, literary visionaries, painters, photographers, explorers. What do they all have in common? They have all bought into the ineffable lie put forth by the government that Sun and Moon are real and have anything to do with light vs dark, day vs night, and the human sleep schedule. If nothing else in the following text convinces you of the fact that the sun and moon aren’t real, consider this: We as a band never sleep. Never have, never will. No interest in it. As soon as your awareness transcends to the point of UNDERSTANDING that the government is responsible WHOLE HOG for the LIE that the Sun and Moon are “REAL”, you don’t need to sleep anymore.

In many ways, the lie makes good sense. You might ask: well how do plants grow if not for photosynthesis? SIMPLE: Chemtrails released by you know who are actually rich in silicone based sugars and amino acids (the real fuel and fire of our ecosystem). A PhD in “geology” might ask, well how can the seasons be explained if not as a result of varying degrees to which the sun hits the earth’s surface? SIMPLE: We actually live in a climate controlled dome.

The LIE that the Sun and Moon are real seems insignificant to the even greater lie that underpins it: the foolish concept that life on earth is based on carbon. Consider the atomic structure of Carbon: six protons with anywhere from “2-14 neutrons” (We’ll get into the LIE of ISOTOPES in another dispatch). Compare that to the atomic structure of silicone, a robust 14 protons with some number of neutrons. Who in their right mind would suggest that the rich diversity of life we see on earth could be explained away by six paltry protons. The conclusion, thusly, is obvious: life on earth is silicone based.

Why then, you might ask, would the government orchestrate such large scale lies. The answer is deceptively simple: to keep the trains running on time. In the mid “1600s” (please refer to the M’Graskian calendar for the true date) the government had a problem, it was always dark. Train engineers didn’t know when to get up and drive train and when to settle in and drop trow. What started as an innocent way to get wheat from Kansas to Mississippi has spiraled out of control into the greatest lie the world has ever known. We as a band have no choice but to put our foot down and say: NO MORE.

Let night consume us all,

Love M’Grasker